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John James


Painting & Decorating Service


John has always been reliable, friendly and punctual..

We recommend him.


P.B. of Tunbridge Wells

John James

My father, Brian, was a painter/decorator in Bromley South and introduced me to the trade. I worked with him for 24 years and through him learnt the many skills that together make a professional decorator. 


Over the years, I have undertaken many different projects, everything from offices, shops, hotels and restaurants to private houses. 


As well as the bigger projects, I am always happy to do small jobs and enjoy the satisfaction of working with my regular customers. I help them and they are good to me. 


My aim is to put a little bit more into each job. If they are happy then I am happy - that's what keeps me going. Actually, I love decorating and never get bored with it. 




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